Houston Area Property Preservation Specialists … Take Note

The White House has asked Congress for an initial $7.85 billion for the Houston recovery. The total recovery cost is estimated to be as much as $180 billion dollars. The money to be made in Houston with be in the rehabilitation of residential and commercial properties. There will be a strong demand for property preservation specialists.

You have a decision to make. Do you want to make some real money or do you want to continue with $15 grass cuts and $15 a cubic yard debris removal working for a Mortgage Order Mill? You know that the Mortgage Order Mills are too controlling and they want everything done NOW as they treat you like an employee. Two federal district courts have said that you are an employee. You have become the minion of the greedy and corrupt Mortgage Order Mills.

You need to smell the cheese … cheese being jobs. Some of the Mortgage Order Mills are on life support and will not be around much longer as the economy improves …. you may have missed the 3% GDP growth number and the 4.4% unemployment numbers. You need to get into high gear and stop working for peanuts and having to wait 30 – 60 days to get paid.

Field inspectors need to move away for the $3 mortgage inspections.

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