HUD Atlanta M&M Contracting Office Has No Teeth … Just Like This Old Toothless German Shepherd

The HUD Atlanta M&M Contracting Office has no teeth … just like this old German Shepherd. The HUD master key codes have been compromised. Search Google with the key words “HUD Keys” and find all of the open sources for HUD master key codes. Perform the same search at E-Bay. HUD has lost control. They have not cured the problem. They operate like a 1950s Motel 6 when it comes to front door security. What would Adolf Hitler think about the HUD key code changes?

HUD M&M contractors are now including language in the terms and agreement of their contracts … which violates FAR …  to eliminate free speech provided under the First Amendment. HUD just winks! The contracting office policy is like that of a liberal university campus … allowing the banning of free speech.

Using portable power generators to back-feed  home electrical systems to check appliances seems to be okay again with HUD despite the fact that all electric utilities say don’t do it and it violates law in some states … maybe all states. If you point out a violation of FAR, federal law, the constitution, state law or safety practices … HUD covers itself with a FOIA shield. I want to know more about the MCS termination for convenience … leaked by a HUD official.

Is there a doctor in the house?

I look at this X-ray and I see some dark spots in this film of the HUD Atlanta contracting office that gives me serious concern. Is the HUD Atlanta Contracting Office just an old toothless German Shepherd … with no teeth? Why doesn’t the contracting office monitor contract performance … BLM … and instead rely upon the HUD OIG to do their performance monitoring  job?

Is there a doctor in the house?
Will he miss the dark spots on the film?

It’s best to avoid the Mortgage Segment of the industry. It is the home of 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry. There is very little Government regulation in the industry. Your only way to get justice is through the courts with class action suits and Qui Tam legal actions. Have you read the 1800+ posts at this blog? Do you read Foreclosurepedia?

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