I Like Ben Carson … I Think Some Of His Staff Is Trying To Push Him Out The Door At HUD

Draining the swamp at HUD will not be easy. It may never happen. Secretary Carson is not getting good advice from the staff at HUD. It appears that the staff … or at least some of the staff … are trying to push Ben Carson out of the door. They want him to fail. If he fails, Trump will replace him with a kick-ass 3- or 4-star Flag or General Officer.

Everyone knows that HUD bleaches and paints over dangerous black mold. There is no real HUD mold mitigation and approved air testing to verify mitigation. It’s always been a joke. Everyone knows that. Harvey and Irma will create some significant new problems with mold. The HUD foreclosures are sold “AS IS” … mold included. Why do HUD M&M contractors illegally electrically back-feed and test all of the appliances when the properties are sold “AS IS”.

Secretary Carson needs someone like Paul Williams at Foreclosurepedia to help him fight the alligators in HUD. Secretary Carson needs to surround himself with staff and friends that he can trust and who will give him honest answers and protect him. He needs to look outside of HUD for unidentified HUD problems and solutions to these problems. Secretary Carson needs to add Paul Williams to this “Friends List”. You want friends who will give you straight talk … tell it like it is. Paul Williams is right about 99% of the time as he does his research before he speaks. Ben and Paul should work together as they are both focused on helping those people at the bottom of the ladder. I hope Secretary Carson is not like that smoker who you tell that it is dangerous to your health to smoke and they keep smoking. You offer advice, but they ignore your advice.

I would like to see Secretary Carson succeed at HUD.

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