What Could Go Wrong With Performing Mortgage Inspections?

Wisdom is knowing the “real meaning of words”. The Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) will tell you how much money you can make with those $3 mortgage inspections. The inspections are all on the same block … with gang club houses on the same block. Three people were shot on that same block last week … only one survived the gunshot wounds.

Your profit is maybe $1.50 on a $3 mortgage drive-by inspection. You will have to pay about $1,265 upfront for insurance and a background check. It will take the profit from 833 mortgage inspections to pay for these upfront expenses. You will probably have to wait 30-60 days for that first paycheck. You may not get paid for your hard work. Yes, that happens quite often.

Look at the photos below. The Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) will tell you about all of the money you will make with low-fee mortgage inspections. That is like saying that there is no risk in putting your arm in the mouth of an alligator. Trust the MOM as they are looking out for you. They will not tell you something that is false. They want to help you get rich on $3 mortgage inspections. Your competition loves it when you are wasting your time with performing $3 mortgage inspections.

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