How Are Those $3 Mortgage Inspections Working For You In Baltimore? … Baltimore Is Higher Risk For Injury Or Death Than Chicago

I have a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Systems. That degree required some statistics courses. I taught math as an adjunct college professor while stationed in the Navy in Spain. A sampling of gun homicides in Baltimore say that you have a higher risk of being killed or injured in Baltimore than in Chicago.

Chicago has suffered 503 gun homicides so far in 2017. With a population of over 2.7 million, the gun homicide rate is at just over 18 people per 100,000 residents.

Baltimore, however, has suffered 275 gun homicides with a population of just over 621,000, putting the homicide rate at more than 44 per 100,000. The city is on track to break its all-time murder record originally set in 1992, when Baltimore had 100,000 more residents.

Your relatives and friends will whisper at your funeral that that were killed while performing $3 mortgage inspections in a combat zone. The inspections  yielded a profit of “maybe” $1.50. They will wonder why you were so dam foolish. The Mortgage Order Mill learned that you were dead and did not send flowers or the last pay check.

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