HUD’s Fix For Compromised Master Key Codes Is Like Flint’s River Of Poison

HUD just cannot get it right. All of the HUD pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure Master Key Codes are compromised. HUD set up new master key codes for Illinois post-foreclosure properties … xx08 … xx214 … xx411 … xx576 … xx264 … xx435 … and these new key codes were compromised within days. HUD just cannot get it right just like the Government could not fix the Flint, Michigan water supply. It’s about repeating the same mistake and calling it progress.

Bloomberg reports:  Flint, Michigan is famous for the agonies it inflicted on its people when it switched from Lake Huron to the Flint River as a water source three years ago.

Residents of Flint … most of whom are Africa-American, with more that 40% living below the poverty line … began to complain about the smell and color of the water and were assured it was safe. When it was too late, tests revealed dangerous levels of lead leaching into the supply from the city’s old pipes. Water from the Flint River was 19 times as corrosive as Detroit water from Lake Huron, a study by Virginia Tech found. A generation of children exposed to the lead is now at risk of developmental disorders.

HUD is trying to fix an old system … the only system available back in 1950. HUD needs to move to electronic locks or electronic lockboxes to fix the security problem. HUD just continues to waste taxpayer money. It appears to me that his HUD staff is setting up Doctor Ben for failure. The staff does not want change. They do not want progress.

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