All Aboard The Carson Swamp Train!

Foreclosurepedia writes:  Love Trump or hate him, the guy understands money. And make no mistake whatsoever, if he gets wind that Secretary Carson is taking a pass on hundreds of millions of dollars, like HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) Acting Director, Kimberlee Satterfield, is overseeing by her protection of Innotion Enterprises and Purdy Enterprises, that new mansion the Carson’s just bought in Vienna, Virginia, may soon be a HUD reposession. See, that’s how the Beltway works. And maybe, just maybe, it was planned all along! I mean who in the hell let’s their wife take command and control of a Cabinet Level Agency? Secretary Carson may be good at poking around in the dura and whacking out brainstem ganglioma in children, but running an Agency — and here comes the irony — which countless minorities and underprivileged families have come to depend on apparently wasn’t required study in medical school.

Secretary Carson needs to cancel all of those United Airlines trips to make speeches and see what is in the basement at HUD Headquarters. The HUD contracting officers are solving problems by throwing more more at the problem. There is so much waste at HUD that could be applied to solving real problems.


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