Why Is It That High-Level HUD Officials Don’t Know What Happens At The Field Level? … Where Is Secretary Carson On This?

Life is a mystery. If the people living in Baltimore Public Housing could find better jobs … they would not be in Public Housing. HUD is taking no interest in the abuse that Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) lay on HUD field service workers. Sometimes they work for low fees and then they are not paid. HUD is both the solution (maybe) and the problem (yes). Secretary Carson needs to quit flying United Airlines every week and find out what really is happening inside HUD. The disorganization, fraud, greed and corruption in the mortgage segment is killing the people in the field. Secretary Carson does not have solutions to HUD internal problems. He is not asking the right questions and taking to the right people. Some … or maybe most … of his staff is in coverup mode. Life is unfair … it is very unfair working for HUD. Stay away from the Mortgage Segment. President Trump needs to clone another General John Kelly. I have worked at the Pentagon as an executive assistant to a Real Admiral and a Army Major General. Flag officers ask tough questions and you don’t give them bullshit answers.

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