HUMOR … Adolf Hitler Has Plans To Update The Bunker … Watch The Second Video On How HUD’s Lack Of Security Helps With The Bunker Upgrade

The below video talks to the compromise of the HUD Master Key Codes.

This is no joke. The HUD pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure master key codes are available online. Search HUD keys at Google & E-Bay. HUD is very much aware of this security compromise. New HUD M&M Ohio master key codes have been compromised within days of being changed  … xx08 … xxx14 …xxx11 …xxx76 …xxx64 …xxx35. HUD Master Key Codes are available just by calling advertised HUD internet lock vendors and simply asking for the Ohio HUD master key codes.

HUD’s security is like the room door security you would expect in the 1950s at a Motel-6 … uncontrolled keys … no electronic locks with controlled access.

HUD needs to move to electronic locks or electronic lockboxes and control access to the HUD pool of foreclosure assets. The current system is compromised. The xx89 key code has been used by HUD for over 25 years. The HUD xx89 locks are available on E-Bay … Amazon and internet lock vendors.

Go to and you will see all of the HUD foreclosure homes for sale. Addresses and photos are provided. The above photo came from The address of this HUD property is 30650 Hydrangea Ct, Brooksville, FL, 34602.

Look for homes with the nice stainless steel appliances. Order your set of HUD master keys on E-Bay … visit the home … and load up your new appliances. The Government wants to give criminals some great appliances. HUD is fully aware that the HUD master keys are easily available. HUD has no control over security and they have no control over the access to the HUD pool of foreclosure assets. I have a set of HUD keys purchased on E-Bay and I have no authorization to have these keys in my possession. The changed Ohio HUD M&M master key codes were compromised within days of the change. There is no control over the access to the HUD master key codes. It’s a joke!

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