Radio Shack Stores Have Closed & The Mortgage Segment Has Dried Up

Amazon killed Radio Shack. All of the small electronic gadgets are avilable at Amazon at a better price with a 1-or 2-day delivery to your home.

The very low inspection fees and huge expenses to get started are killing the mortgage segment of the industry. Think about this! The average mortgage inspection pays about $3 and the profit is “maybe” $1.50. The start-up expense for a background check and E&O insurance is about $1,265. You may need to purchase a smartphone with more storage. It takes the profit from the first 833 mortgage inspections just to pay the upfront start-up expenses … not including the smartphone. You may have to wait 30-60 days for the first paycheck.

The Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) are going to assign you large service areas and send you to high-crime neighborhoods. The mortgage segment is the home of 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption the industry. Read the Horror Stories at Foreclosurepedia. Avoid the mortgage segment.

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