Foreclosurepedia: Lots Of Chatter On A HUD OIG Investigation Of Five Brothers Mortgage Field Services

Foreclosurepedia says in the below podcast that the HUD OIG is investigating Five Brothers. Paul Williams is right almost all of the time. Be sure to donate to Foreclosurepedia as Paul Williams will help you to stay out of trouble. SOFI donates! Paul is a great friend of labor … the great people in the field. Donate to Foreclosurepedia.

Let me say at the onset here that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court. The HUD Office of the Inspector General must have a pretty good idea that they will prevail in a criminal legal action against Five Brothers … if such an investigation is in the works. Time will tell.

If such a HUD OIG investigation is happening … the day-to-date actions of the below two women … operations managers for about 15-18 years … will be investigated. Read the descriptions of their jobs at Five Brothers. Foreclosurepedia has provided some history on Melissa Shankin. You do not work as an operation manager for 15-18 years and not know what is happening in an organization. Was there any criminal activity at Five Brothers? The court will make that determination.

With regard to company organization … one  comment said  that “Managers greatly abuse power and play favorites. People are pinned against each other. Overwhelming negativity throughout the whole office honestly. Everyone was so obsessed with being better than everyone else and throwing people under the bus that there was really no teamwork or communication between departments. I was formerly in one position, then they offered me to switch to another to see if I was a good fit, and that if it didn’t work out I could switch back. The new position didn’t end up working out, but when I went to switch back they said it “was against their policy” to switch me back? Really? Not to mention the monthly firing sprees that constantly made you wonder if you were going to have a job tomorrow.”

Five Brothers is not a member of SOFI. I have never liked the organization. Recently they ordered a copy of our database of field service representatives. We declined to process the order because of complaints. We communicated that to Five Brothers and they did not respond. My advice to SOFI members is to steer clear of the low-fee mortgage segment … all of the Mortgage Order Mills … and that includes steering clear of Five Brothers.

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