Information Is POWER … HUD Says A Dry Winterization Cost Allowable Is $100

So you signed up with a Mortgage Order Mill that pays $50 for a dry heat winterization on a HUD property. You did not know that the HUD cost allowable is $100 and that you should be paid about $80-$85 to perform the task. The instructions say make sure the toilet bowel is clean and add some pink RV antifreeze.

Life never works out the way that you expect it will. You are going to run into some ugly toilet bowls. It happens. You need to make sure that you are getting about $80 for a dry winterization of a “clean” toilet. Call the Mortgage Order Mill from the field when you run into an ugly toilet bowl and ask for $100 … or more. Send them photos and get the approval of the extra fees in writing.

Information is POWER. You can find the HUD, VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac cost allowables at



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