Cameras Everywhere … Cameras Watching Mortgage Inspectors In Backyards Taking Photos & Peeping In Windows

Your vendor manager at your Mortgage Order Mills says it’s okay to enter private backyards and take photos. It’s okay to peep into windows to see if the house is vacant or occupied. The closest your Mortgage Order Mill vendor manager came to learning the law was that once she cut the hair of a lawyer in a previous job as a hairdresser.

So, when you are in private backyards taking photos and peeping into window or door … you are probably being recorded on video. SMILE.

Virginia § 18.2-130. Peeping or spying into dwelling or enclosure.

A. It shall be unlawful for any person to enter upon the property of another and secretly or furtively peep, spy or attempt to peep or spy into or through a window, door or other aperture of any building, structure, or other enclosure of any nature occupied or intended for occupancy as a dwelling, whether or not such building, structure or enclosure is permanently situated or transportable and whether or not such occupancy is permanent or temporary, or to do the same, without just cause, upon property owned by him and leased or rented to another under circumstances that would violate the occupant’s reasonable expectation of privacy.

The police are also using homeowner cameras to solve crimes.

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