Foreclosurepedia: … Eric Miller Oversees $2.3 Billion In Losses According To HUD OIG

HUD  would have so much more money to help people in need if HUD could get organized and cut out all of the waste. When you watch the below video, you must wonder why the staff sitting with Secretary Carson would let him walk into that Financial Services Committee session so unprepared. My opinion is that the HUD staff is working hard to push Ben Carson out the door. The cancer at HUD has metastasized and Dr. Carson will not be able to cure HUD. If I were Secretary Carson, I would watch the below video every day and say to myself that this will never happen to me again. The HUD staff members sitting with him need to be admonished for their malfeasance in preparing him for this appearance before the Financial Services Committee. They failed and he failed. It was awful.

Below is another video which shows how unprepared he was before the Financial Services Committee. His staff failed to brief him on letter correspondence sent to him by a committee member.



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