Mortgage Inspections Can Be Dangerous In Virginia Rural Areas

I live in rural Virginia. I have three no trespassing signs on my driveway. I have a security camera. I have a big gun. I have a salt lick in my back yard for the deer. If you are a mortgage inspector walking around the backyard of a Virginia rural home, you could run into some surprises. It is really worth the $3 that a Morgtage Order Mill is paying for your to travel to rural areas. The profit is “maybe” $1.50. Of course, you will have a great story on how you were attacked by a deer … if you survive the attack. People who live in rural areas have unusual pets who are very protective. Stay out of backyards. Virginia has “peep” laws. Get caught on a security camera peeping into a window and that’s all the sheriff needs to lock you up until you appear before a judge.

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