Call The Mortgage Servicer & Then Hand Your New $1,000 iPhone 10 To The Delinquent Borrower

When performing a mortgage delinquency interview, one of the Mortgage Order Mills wants you to call the mortgage servicer on your cell phone before you knock on the door. When the delinquent mortgage borrower opens the door, you are to hand them your $1,000 iPhone 10 and ask them to talk to the mortgage servicer who had been sending them demand letters and calling them every other day.

You hope that the borrower is in a good mood knowing that the borrower may lose the house in foreclosure. Their family car has already been repossessed. Make sure that you have a great accident insurance policy for your phone. Make sure that you have a great health plan. You are going to let the borrower put their nasty pathogens, viruses and germs all over your iPhone and then you will use your iPhone and transfer the nasty pathogens, viruses and germs to your face. Nasty!

Is your iPhone 10 as great as the rugged Cat 15B cell phone in withstanding a phone thrown from the front door out into the street? Watch the video.

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