Foreclosurepedia … The Center For Disease Control (CDC) Says Mold Is Toxic To Your Health

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have extremely extensive documentation and guidelines pertaining to the handling and remediation of mold. They have theses guidelines because improper handling and faulty remediation may result in the loss of life.

A. flavus releases toxic spores that can be fatal when ingested, prompting symptoms that include jaundice, liver cancer and internal bleeding. The poison is so deadly that in 1995 Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein confessed to weaponizing the mold spores for use in biological warfare.

Foreclosurepedia breaks a story about a Mortgage Oder Mill who is trying to kill you as they do not adhere to basic health safety protocols. Mold can cause cancer. Follow the guidelines of the CDC and WHO. Protect your health.

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