Everyone Is Selling HUD Master Keys Online At E-Bay & Other Websites

I am seriously considering selling HUD master keys online at the SOFI Store. Chinese kwikset blank keys are cheap and you can find a used key cutting machine on E-Bay. The blank keys in the video were 5-cents each. You can also have the Chinese cut the HUD master keys for about 15-cents each. The profit is over 2,000 per cent. The keys in the video look like they are made out of gold. HUD must not have any problems with the duplication and control of HUD master keys as it seems that everyone is selling them online … with no questions asked. Call one of the HUD key suppliers … Google “HUD Keys” and tell them what states you are servicing and they will sell you all of the master keys that you need. Criminals can easily get these HUD master keys. Is is quick in and out grabbing appliances. The keys are all stamped with the HUD key code. Cut your own keys or get duplicates made at any Home Depot or Lowes with no questions asked. Check out the website at www.hudkeys.com. You will not make any money performing HUD $3 mortgage inspections, but you can clean up on selling HUD master keys. The demand is huge. HUD has no security and no control over access to their pool of assets … and they don’t really give a #$*^.


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