Surgeon Ben Carson Saved Babies … HUD Secretary Carson Policies May End Up Killing The Fathers of Babies … Property Preservation Contractors & Linesmen

Today HUD Secretary Ben Carson is following the lead of a low-level HUD official in allowing the unsafe electrical backfeeding of HUD properties. Unlicensed and inexperienced contractors working for HUD are performing the unsafe backfeeding of HUD properties. Such back feeding is unsafe and unlawful in many states. HUD is very much aware of this. Secretary Carson is aware of this problem.

Roger Lowe … South Carolina Building Codes Council …. writes: The regulatory document in South Carolina regarding electrical systems, both residential and commercial, is the 2014 National Electrical Code (NFPA 70).  This document, adopted by the South Carolina Building Codes Council, is required, by statute, to be enforced statewide by all local jurisdictions.  In this code, Articles 700 and 705 set the requirements for the transfer equipment design and installation to prevent the back feeding of the normal and emergency sources of supply in any operation. For intentional interconnection of power production systems Article 705 sets the requirements for equipment and labeling of multisource systems for the protection of electrical and utility workers.

Also, in South Carolina, it is illegal for anyone to perform or offer to perform any electrical work over 50 volts without first being licensed as an Electrical Contractor (certain exceptions exist for homeowners performing work on their own home, however the work must be performed in compliance with the above code).

Why does Secretary support low-level HUD officials who are very much aware of unsafe and unlawful backfeeding policies within HUD. HUD refuses to provide for a safe environment for HUD contractors and electrical linesmen. Such HUD policies can result in injuries or death. The buck stops with you Secretary Carson. You need to review the non-feasance of your low-level employees. Everyone knows that the Mortgage Order Mills hire some of the most untrained and unexperienced property preservation mechanics because they offer such low fees. Most of the more experienced people have left the property preservation field and found higher paying work. Secretary Carson needs to spend less time on United Airlines and more time asking questions at HUD.

Shame on you Secretary Carson for not supervising your low-level employees and allowing them to set unsafe and unlawful policies which can cause injury and death.

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