Mortgage Inspections Continue To Dry Up … Mortgage Order Mills Pray To Satan For Help

The Mortgage Segment has dried up just like the Aral Sea in Central Asia. Delinquencies and foreclosures are at an 11-year low. A national Mortgage Oder Mill representative contacted me today to say that they were looking for some banks or mortgage servicers where they could get some work. My response was good luck … the mortgage segment is dead. President Trump will continue to improve the economy and a great economy is very bad for the mortgage segment.

The Mortgage Order Mills are praying to Satan for help. They are asking Satan to bless them with another deep recession NOW! They need high unemployment. I have heard that the band BEHEMOTH will play at the next mortgage field services conference singing “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer”.  You can find the song lyrics online. An altar for praising Satan will be build in the hotel grand ballroom. I noted that Deviled Eggs will be on the lunch and dinner menu.

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