When You’re Making Only A $1.50 Profit On A $3 Mortgage Inspection … You have To Keep Moving … FAST … To Try To Make Money

Delivery drivers working for online e-commerce giant Amazon urinate and even defecate in their vehicles to meet crushing deadlines, an undercover journalist has claimed. The BBC reporter, who worked at an Amazon depot in the UK for two weeks, said drivers often exceeded the speed limit to deliver up to 200 parcels a day on a fixed salary the equivalent of less than the minimum wage. “On my first day delivering parcels for Amazon I soon found that things like tiredness and toilets aren’t taken into account when Amazon plans its delivery routes,” the reporter wrote.“I tried to do the job as quickly as I could while keeping to the speed limit. I was considered very slow. Other drivers at the depot admitted to speeding. One driver said to get the job done he had to go at 120mph down the motorway.”

It’s tough to make any profit as a mortgage inspection. You have to move along very fact and take lots of shortcuts. At the end of the day, your have put more miles on your car. I talked to one inspector this month who put over 40,000 miles on his car performing mortgage inspections. That is a lot of driving and a lot of miles on the car in 12 months. The “chicks” will love your car.




Amazon drivers ‘defecate in vans to save time’

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