Attention Mortgage Inspectors Who Take The Required Seven Photos … You Are Being Recorded On A Security Camera

This deer could also be a mortgage inspector walking around a property without an invitation from the occupant.

In today’s world, everyone has security cameras that send alerts to smartphones and also store video in the cloud. Mortgage inspectors are being watched and recorded as they wander around a property taking the required 7 photos. They are earning “maybe”$1.50 on a $3 mortgage inspection.

Virginia has a “no peeping” law. The Mortgage Order Mill “demands” to know if the property is occupied or vacant. Your innocent “peep” through the window will be recorded on video and you will probably be arrested and booked by the local sheriff. Break state trespass or peeping laws and you will go to jail. Video cameras will tell the whole story.

The owner is already pissed at the bank and then you show up uninvited and taking a lot of photos on their property. If you are hooded on a cold dark winter day in a rural area they may put a big dog on you or take a warning shot with some 00 buck shot.

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