Mortgage Inspectors … Know The Laws In Your State On Peeping In Doors & Windows

The Mortgage Order Mill demand that you determine if the property is occupied or vacant. There is no unknown box to check. They tell you to “peep” into a door or window to see if it is occupied. Video cameras are everywhere today. You will be recorded on home security cameras when peeping into doors and windows. Following instructions on a $3 mortgage inspections can yield an arrest for “peeping”. A guilty plea on “peeping” will show on your background check and you will never get a great job. Peeping is always associated with a weirdo … a person who you think is strange and who makes you very uncomfortable.

A number of states have statutes criminalizing voyeurism or “Peeping Tom” activities. These statutes vary widely regarding the degree of specificity. Alaska, for example, describes in great detail parts of that anatomy the must be viewed in order in order for a person to violate its statute on “Indecent Viewing” while Indiana makes it “voyeurism” to go on another person’s property with intent to peep. A few of these states specifically prohibit anyone from photographing or videotaping another person, without consent, while observing that person in the privacy of his home or some other private place. At least one state makes it illegal for voyeurs to sell or otherwise distribute or disseminate pictures or videos that they take or record.

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