National Mortgage Order Mill Offers Nutella As A Signing Bonus For New Mortgage Inspectors

Recruiting mortgage field inspectors to perform $3 mortgage inspections with a profit of “maybe” $1.50 is an impossible task. One of the recruiting managers at a National Mortgage Order Mill saw the below video. The firm decided to have a new inspector recruiting event and offer Nutella as a signing bonus.

Below is a clip from a local newspaper.

The line for this mortgage inspector recruiting event was three blocks long. Police were brought in to control the people and the traffic. It was so cold that the Red Cross was providing hot coffee and hot tee. Two ambulances were at the ready to take care of hypothermia cases … it was so cold.

Justin said it was worth the wait to sign up for some $3 mortgage inspections. He said that he loves his Nutella signing bonus and that he was sure that he would have no problem walking around in private yards taking photos. He has extensive military training and he still has his Army issued body armor because is in the reserves. He said waiting 30 days to get paid was not a problem.

The recruiting event was a huge success. The National Mortgage Order Mill has another recruiting event scheduled for February and is again offering the Nutella signing bonus and $3 mortgage inspections. The start-up cost for insurance and a background check is about $1,265.

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