Occupied Or Vacant … The Wrong Guess Can Get You Killed

You are a property preservation mechanic. The last inspection report said the property is vacant and abandoned. The mortgage field service inspector who completed the report was paid $3 and earned a profit of about $1.50. The mortgage inspector was in a hurry as you cannot perform a detailed inspection as that takes time and a huge amount of mortgage inspections need to be cranked out in a day in order to make any profit. Inspectors performing low-fee mortgage inspections are often careless and sloppy.

You, the property preservation specialist are told the property is vacant and abandoned. You don’t investigate on your own and you break the lock and enter the property. Surprise, the property is occupied and the occupant is armed with a shotgun or a rifle or a hand gun. Florida and other states have a stand your ground law. If someone enters a property and the occupant fears for their life, they may shoot the intruder. Your work order will not save you.

Some of the new ammunition makes it hard to miss an intruder. Watch the video.

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