Low-Fee $3 Mortgage Inspections With A Profit Of “Maybe” $1.50 … No Money Left For Savings

What is odd is that despite the rise in incomes, Americans continue to spend more than they make, which means that the US savings rate continues to slid, and is now not only the lowest since the crisis, but is the lowest since September 2005.

The start-up cost for low fee mortgage inspections is about $1,265 for insurance and a background check. It will take the profit from 833 mortgage inspections to pay the start-up costs. You will have to wait 30-60 days for the first pay check. You need to use your savings for the startup and then you will not make enough money to replenish your savings. You may work for a few months and never get paid. That happens very often in the mortgage segment. Read Foreclosurepedia


The mortgage segment is the home of 99.5% of al of the greed, fraud and corruption in the industry.

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