These Mortgage Order Mills Are Killing Us … They Are The Cancer In The Field Services Industry

I did the math. We gave the failed Mortgage Order Mill a 20% discount on all of our completed property preservation tasks. On the 80% that they promised to pay, they are now offering us 20% of the balance due to us. Then we do not have the use of this money to pay our bills so we have to use our credit cards to pay some bills. It may be a year before we get anything … and that is not certain … and we are still paying interest on the credit card at 11.9% per year. Those $15 grass cuts are ending up being $9 grass cuts, before any other expenses. In the end, the profit is “maybe” $4 for a grass cut. Or, maybe ZERO. They got paid and we did not get paid. Fannie-Mae and HUD have no interest in the subcontractors of their Mortgage Order Mills. The math says we cannot retire before age 85 if we continue to work for these Mortgage Order Mills. We need to get out now and find better work.

Let’s visit Facebook … Life After Property Preservation … and see what Bret Douglas has to say about cutting the chains with these Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs). These MOMs are real monsters. I hope they rot in hell.

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