The Mortgage Segment Is Dead As Witnessed By The 2018 Death Of NFN … More Deaths Are Expected

The DOL reported this morning that more  higher paying jobs are being created and wage earnings increases are the highest since 2009. Unemployment is at a 40 year low. African-America and Hispanic unemployment is at their lowest in recorded history. Infrastructure builds and a great housing market are taking more property preservation mechanics from the mortgage segment. Discounts at one Mortgage Order Mill are now at 25%. This firm is on life support. Another firm has a 60-day pay schedule and a very weak pulse. The Mortgage Order Mill pigs are dying. The mortgage segment is infected with swine flu.

Bret Douglas at  the Facebook “Life After Property Preservation” group discusses how he is changing his life for the better. He said goodbye to the dying pigs in the mortgage segment. We love you Bret. Paul Williams at Foreclosurepedia is great at predicting deaths in the mortgage segment. Be sure to follow Paul.

The Mortgage Order Mills are dying. NFN is dead. More deaths are coming soon. Get out now. Move to the better areas of the industry. Call Richard Law at 321-543-2809 … east coast … to chat.

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