Foreclosurepedia Is Working To Help Unpaid NFN Contractors Join Together In A Class Action Case

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Paul Williams at Foreclosurepedia is working with Fannie-Mae and HUD and lawyers to get contractors paid for work performed for National Field Network (NFN).

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We (Foreclosurepedia) are looking for victims of the NFN fraud. If you were not paid, we are putting together victims for a Class Action case based upon, in part, violation of the False Claims Act. If interested, reach out directly to me via


​In the Subject Line, in ALL CAPS, put NFN QUI TAM – YOUR COMPANY NAME. This will allow for forwarding directly to the law firm whom will handle the case. ​

​Initially, you will need to be capable of providing a spreadsheet which lists, in each column, the WO#, the Date, the WO Type, the Complete Address (123 Main St Anytown, ST, Zip Code) IN ONE COLUMN, the amount owed, and the Client.

​ You will additionally need to be capable of archiving ALL of your email correspondence between NFN and your firm. I will assist with that if you pass the first hurdle.​

​This suit, which we commonly refer to as a Qui Tam (Whistleblower) suit will be presented to the US Attorney, in a to be determined venue, based upon two legal theories. The first is the False Claims Act and the second is the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act. We feel that both of these also implicate the potential for violations of the Copeland Act. The US Department of Justice will ultimately evaluate the case and determine whether or not they will intervene.

You will also need to locate any correspondence, as soon as possible, which made references to:

“HUD Adjusted” “FNMA Adjusted” “RMS Adjusted” or similar language, when your bids were reduced;

Any language wherein “Discounting” was required;

Any language wherein “HUD Reconveyance” was used; and

Any chargebacks

Currently, we are working with several lawyers and will ultimately settle upon one firm in the coming days. I am not a lawyer nor might I give legal advice. I am simply doing the legwork which normally is a daunting and cost prohibitive task for lawyers.

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