Chicago Is A Combat Zone Used To Train Navy Medics … How Are Those Low-Fee Mortgage Inspections Working For You?

U.S. Navy Medics Prepare For Combat By Treating Gunshot Victims On The Streets Of Chicago

The U.S. Navy is taking advantage of Chicago’s sky-high murder rate by sending new medics to treat gunshot victims at Stroger hospital on the city’s West Side as part of a pilot program which is currently in its third year.

So if you are a field inspector risking your life performing $3 mortgage inspections in West Chicago and you are shot by a gang member when you are taking photos of their clubhouse … your injuries may be treated by a Navy medic in training. You may be his or her first gunshot victim.

I flew combat support missions from a 7th fleet aircraft carrier. I received both combat pay and hazardous flight pay. I was paid extra for operating in a combat zone. How much extra are you being paid for performing low-fee mortgage inspections in West Chicago? What is the value of your life? There will be no medals or flag for your relatives if you are injured or killed.


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