How Are Those $3 Mortgage Inspections Working For You In Illinois & Connecticut

According to a recent analysis by WalletHub, Illinoisans pay $8,300 per home in various state and local taxes, more than any other state in the nation. In the annual ranking of taxpayer burden by state, WalletHub found that Illinois households give up just under 15% of their annual earnings to pay state and local taxes, over 1 percent more than residents of the second highest taxed state, Connecticut with 13.85%. Of course, they also pay federal taxes on top of that.

Many of the Mortgage Order Mills are on life support. You may work for them for a month and then not get paid. You probably missed the ugly stories about the collapse of NFN and NRES.

How are those $3 mortgage inspections … with “maybe” a $1.50 profit … working for you?


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