HUD Master Key Codes For Post-Conveyance Foreclosure Properties Compromised


Foreclosurepedia broke a story this week on the compromise of the HUD Master Key Codes for post-foreclosure properties. The HUD Master Key Codes are listed online. MFS Supply is a leading provider of HUD Master Key Codes. Simply search HUD MASTER KEYS on Google and MFS Supply and other lock vendors will pop up.

Mr. Irving Dennis at HUD now has the full-time duty of keeping Secretary Ben Carson out of trouble. I have sent Mr. Dennis information on the HUD security compromise. It will be interesting to see how he shields Secretary Carson from this growing security problem. HUD refuses to adapt electronic locks or lockboxes to protect the HUD pool of assets.

Can you imagine if you were a hospital administrator and you discovered that all of the keys to the drug lockers at John Hopkins Hospital were available online and available to the public … no questions asked … for 99-cents each? Would it be a problem if you could purchase John Hopkins drug locker keys on E-Bay or Amazon?

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