Chicago Defender: Ben Carson’s Team Fired One Of The Few Black Women Who Worked At HUD

The Guardian is reporting, Katrina Hubbard, an  executive assistant and one of the few Black people who worked at HUD, was fired for reporting possible corruption and “misuse of public funds.” Hubbard told The Guardian, “I reported information about fraud, waste and abuse, and as a result I was retaliated against.”


The Guardian reported Hubbard “became a civil servant at HUD in September last year and worked as executive assistant to Johnson Joy, Hud’s chief information officer.” In addition, ” she discovered that Accel Corporation, a contractor that supplies Joy’s office with staff, was being systematically overpaid. Some Accel subcontractors were falsely classed in higher pay grades, she said, while some billed for days and hours they had not worked. Naved Jafry, one Accel subcontractor, resigned from the department recently after the Guardian found he exaggerated his biography and had been repeatedly sued for fraud. Hubbard said she told Hud’s inspector general of her findings on 8 January this year.”

Hubbard  filed a complaint to a federal whistleblower agency, which is now being investigated by the office of special counsel (OSC), an office that oversees federal workers’ employment rights.

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