Security Of HUD Pool Of Foreclosure Assets Compromised … Master Keys Available For Sale Online … What A Joke!

The HUD M&M master lock key codes are posted on online at Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) websites. They are not classified … like Confidential, Secret or Top Secret. One Mortgage Order Mill last week posted the new 2018  A802, 21121, 23255, 35435, 63542 and 25326 keys codes for the HUD M&M contract. The MOM also posted the common lockbox codes. All of the HUD master keys codes are available online. Search Google with the keywords “HUD Master Keys” to find online lock suppliers that sell the HUD master keys. They are also available on E-Bay. You can purchase HUD master keys for 99-cents with no questions asked. Visit

I have written to HUD Secretary Ben Carson, the HUD OIG, the HUD General Counsel, Homeland Security, White House staff, House of Representative Members, Senate Members, HUD contracting officers, et al  … and I have sensed no concern for the lack security at HUD. HUD security is a joke and they really don’t care.

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