Foreclosurepedia: State of California Begins Auditing NAMFS Members Starting With Spectrum

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) woke up, last week, to tax audits flowing out from the State of California. The State of California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) began issuing out Employment Relationship Questionnaires (Form DE 1870) to Mortgage Field Services Industry Contractors throughout California earlier this month. The Questionnaire is massive and granularly drills down on very specific information calculated to determine whether or not people are misclassified employees. And in light of the fact that there have been nine federal court determinations; seven by jury verdict; and one settlement for millions of dollars which Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) entered into several months back, and another settlement which the now defunct Buczek Enterprises entered into for six figures, the reality is this is merely pro forma.

Foreclosurepedia:  The continued refusal of NAMFS to address issues of millions of dollars in fraud wrought upon Minority Females and Labor stands as a testament to the need for change in Leadership. With reports now coming in about Mortgage Specialist International (MSI) issuing checks which are bouncing, it is sounding like a repeat of the SEAS fiasco. There is a connection to all of this. NAMFS. It’s former and now infamous Secretary, Heather Berghorst, defrauded over One Million Dollars from innocent victims. And that was in her SECOND BANKRUPTCY! Eric Miller knew about Berghorst’s previous bankruptcy and still put her on the NAMFS Board of Directors. Miller is the NAMFS Executive Director whose ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLAR PER YEAR salary consumes over EIGHTY ONE PERCENT of all NAMFS member dues. Miller put Michael Evangelo on the NAMFS Board of Directors and oh what a mess that has been!

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