YouTube Video Clip Reminds Me Of What Is Happening Today In The Mortgage Segment … There Are Unhappy Endings!

Foreclosurepedia.Org reported just a few weeks ago on the death of NFN and NRES. The report said that an Army solder lost $50,000 that he was expecting to support his family as he called up and deployed to Afghanistan. Many mortgage field representatives have fallen to their financial death. Some will recover and many will not. The mortgage segment of the industry is so ugly and cruel.

There have been so many innocent victims that have suffered. The owner of the Mortgage Order Mills don’t care that they have affected the lives of so many field service representatives.

There is no much more fallout to happen in 2018. It is best to avoid the mortgage segment. Sometimes life does not provide a good ending. Live a happy life by avoiding the mortgage segment. The mortgage segment is the home of low-fees and 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry.


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