Foreclosurepedia. Org Has The News On Mortgage Segment Fraud, Greed & Corruption

Many of the mortgage field service representatives are spending their time in the field chasing $3 mortgage inspections and $15 grass cuts. In the evening they are logged on at Facebook and reading about the squirrels playing in the snow. They are also trying to find the car in the photo.

Fannie-Mae and HUD are not auditing their contracts and labor is suffering. Labor is losing tens of million dollars as the Government is not auditing their contracts. The latest fraud case involves a mortgage order mill that was forced into involuntary bankruptcy … only three plaintiffs … and where the legal discovery process shows that the mortgage order mill has not filed a federal income tax return. Those that do not participate in the involuntary bankruptcy will lose big time. Most mortgage field representatives do not stay informed on what is happening in the mortgage segment. The mortgage order mills abuse them. They do not stand their ground. I guess that they get what they deserve for not paying attention.



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