How Are Those $3 Mortgage Inspections Working For You

The profit on a $3 mortgage inspection is maybe $1.50. It will take the profit from 90 of these mortgage inspections for just one person to visit Disneyland on a peak day. Just keep working as you cannot afford to take your family to Disneyland. It will take 360 of the $3 variety of mortgage inspections for a family of four to enter the Disneyland Park. Then add the cost for parking and food.

You can make more money working at In-N-Out. Pay for burger flippers starts at $16.00 per hour. The private burger chain pays store managers an average yearly salary of more than $160,000 with no college degree or previous management experience required.

The burger chain offers benefits including 401(k) plans, paid vacation, and dental and vision coverage for part- and full-time employees — a rarefied package in the fast-food industry. In a Glassdoor ranking of the best places to work in 2018, In-N-Out earned the No. 4 spot and beat out tech giants like Google and Microsoft. It was the only restaurant chain in the top 50.

How are you going to feel when one of the $3 paying national mortgage order mills decides not to pay you for the work you performed? Yes, that happens. NFN is in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, The mortgage segment is the home of 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry. Read the FREE ebook at and get started with the higher quality forms that pay the higher fees.

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