One Property Preservation Small Business Owed $338,175.10 By NFN … The Cumulative Losses Are HUGE!

I read documents acquired by Foreclosurepedia from the New Jersey Bankruptcy Court on National Field Network (NFN). The court records show that one small business is out $338,175.10 by working for NFN. The loss to property preservation labor is staggering. How do the numbers grow to such huge numbers? Why does LABOR let the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) have such a long float? Why are they not monitoring and controlling their receivables?

This ugly stuff routinely happens in the Mortgage Segment. The Mortgage Segment is the home of 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the field services industry. Many of the FaceBook groups do not discuss the real problems in the mortgage industry. They are posting photos of squirrels playing in the snow.

Don’t let a Mortgage Order Mill hang you out to dry. Avoid the mortgage segment. Focus on the higher quality firms that pay the higher fees in the commercial and insurance segments.


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