Foreclosuremedia.Org … The Mortgage Field Services Industry Is Having A Come To Jesus Moment.

Foreclosurepedia says the the Mortgage Field Services Industry is having a Come To Jesus moment. Safeguard Properties (SGP) founder and owner, Robert Klein, is dead — literally. US Best Repairs is going under as they just lost Altisource and told all Misclassified Employees good luck on collecting — proverbially. NFN believed that Foreclosurepedia’s bullshit meter wasn’t up to snuff when they tried to scam Minority Females and Labor last December. NFN was forced into Involuntary Bankruptcy by the Team I assembled, on behalf of several of my Clients — Jack Jaffa is related SGP’s CEO, Alan Jaffa. M&M Mortgage has lost so many contracts it’s easier to count, on one hand, their remaining ones — and when it comes to pay cuts, their list looks like Papier mâché. Five Brothers has long been removed from the Swamp and anyone still working for them deserve the chargebacks plaguing those working there. Spectrum Field Services has been bought out by Chronos and began issuing chargebacks and price reductions on par with cuts during the Great Depression. Assurant Field Asset Services (AFAS) were just hit with $2.2 Million in jury verdicts in 7 of 150+ employee misclassification lawsuits. National Real Estate Solutions (NRES) went under ran by the never a hair out of place Brian Mingham. This leaves us with Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) which will be lucky to see the third quarter of next year.

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