Connecticut Mortgage Field Inspector Tells It Like It Is

Today, the mortgage segment of the industry is loaded with RISK. When you are walking in backyards to take photos, you are being watched on security cameras. Maybe you are being watched through the scope on an AR-15 assault rifle.

Read what one mortgage field inspector has to say about mortgage inspections and similar inspections:

I’ve been doing varying Field Service work for 10 years.  From mortgage inspections to commercial inspections to autos to debt letter drops, I’ve seen just about all of it.  The biggest problem is going onto a property that is hard to get into, no trespassing signs/private property, a long driveway to get to the house, dogs outside, what have you.  No matter what or why we are there, people are FAR more suspicious today of anyone coming on their property than ever before.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what you may represent.

I currently work with a private company to help measure residential properties & validate data for assessors (they’re supposed to set property values and thus your property taxes). You can likely imagine the joy of people that I get to talk to when they find out where I’m from.

Now, consider this:

a)  We are authorized people with badges, letters, and the police already know we are in the neighborhood.
b)  We are a private company contracted and are authorized to be on or walk around properties to collect outside measurements & data that we see or gain access to.
c)  There is an actual state statute that allows us to do this i.e. it’s written into state law.  (State of Connecticut)

REGARDLESS of this, I have been told several times to literally “get the fuck off my property”, have had the cops called, got a cease & desist letter from someone’s attorney sent into the town I was in from being on their property that day (let’s just say there was a LOT of discrepancies), have been threatened with arrest, being shot, you name it.

How do you think you’ll be treated being from some company allegedly representing the bank, and getting paid $3 for it?  I can deal with it because I’m on the clock & I don’t have to go back.  Anyone who does give me attitude or threatens me I simply leave, make as many notes as I can, and then pass it on to the assessor the next day.  They keep a list and can catch up with these homes at some point later.  You can’t because you didn’t get all the photos or enough information, so the company will reject your order and wants you to go back out…on your time & dime.  No matter what.

It’s.  Not.  Worth.  It.

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