Everyone Has Cameras … Mortgage Inspectors Are Watched As They Walk In Private Backyards

A homeowner security camera took a photo of this car thief and it was posted it on NextDoor.com for the whole community to view. A copy was forwarded to local police. The tattoo is very distinctive. This person will soon be eating prison food and wearing an orange jumper while picking up trash on the side of the road. This stupid thief should have at least worn a long sleeve shirt.

Cameras are everywhere today. Peep into a house window or door in Virginia and get caught on video and you will be arraigned before a judge who is not sympathetic to people looking into windows and doors to determine occupancy. Try to explain to the judge your right to enter backyards and look into windows. Why would anyone enter a private backyard when the profit on a 7-photo mortgage inspection is about $1.50?

You need to run away from low-fee mortgage inspections.


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