The Mortgage Order Mills Are Praying To Lucifer

One of the drivers of the last housing bubble was the emergence of private label mortgage “originators” who, as the name implies, simply created mortgages and then sold them off to securitizers, who bundled them into the toxic bonds that nearly brought down the global financial system.

Today, the kings in the mortgage banking industry are not the banks. Lending criteria has become very lose again. This is great for the dying Mortgage Order Mills.

Be sure to avoid the non-paying Mortgage Order Mill in Northern Virginia.

The Mortgage Order Mills have gathered at a conference and prayed to Lucifer for more delinquencies and foreclosures in 2019. They prayed to Lucifer to help them reduce mortgage inspection fees to under $3. It’s all about volume … the Mortgage Order Mills claim that you can grow rich with a huge volume of low-fee mortgage inspections.

The “Chicks” will love your worn out car.

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