Mortgage Inspectors … Get A Body Camera TODAY! … A Video Is Worth A Thousand Words … Protect Yourself

An Illinois mortgage inspector … in his 80’s … was attacked … for no good reason … with a knife at the front door of a delinquent borrower. He deflected a knife stab to his chest with his hand and his hand was cut.

The local news media reported that a delinquent borrower in New Mexico fired an AR-15 rifle at a mortgage inspector and put two bullet holes in an inspector’s truck as he was leaving the property. Of course, this will not happen to you! Yeah!

Document with video and audio your version of an event with a body camera. Collect proof of what actually happened at the front door or in the yard. Make sure that the police get the straight story if you are attacked or accused of a crime. The cost of a body camera is nothing compared to the cost of a defense attorney.

In high crime areas like Chicago, Baltimore, Oakland and St. Louis you should add some body armor to your shopping list. Protect yourself. Get that dog attack … not on a leash as required by law … on video. Protect yourself with video from a body camera. You want to win in court and a body camera will help make you a winner.

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