Avoid Slow- & No-Pay Virginia Mortgage Order Mills

Good morning Richard,

I’ve been working together with [redacted] and they continuously are late with my checks. I’ts bad enough they hold 8 weeks back but over the last month they are getting worse. The owe me over 9k in arrears and can barely get an answer to why they are late. They make up excuses to say they are on time and tell me that my bank paid me my ACH’s early over the past few years and I should be considered lucky. The problem is they know they got me. I’m helpless and have to kiss behinds just to get paid and to continue to receive work. It’s so sad things in this industry come to this but I have no choice. I’m already in too deep. I just hope that nobody else has to go through this just to get paid. It’s so sad the field service industry has come to this. I’ve worked extremely hard for 20 years in this industry and this is what its come down to? It just doesn’t make sense. It’s pathetic but right now it’s all I have. Just wanted to pass that on to you. I pray that nobody else ever gets sucked in to a situation like this. Especially around the holidays when you have a business and family that counts on you. I ask that if you share this you please keep my name anonymous for it will cause additional issues moving forward. Thanks.

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  1. I’m in the same boat with this Virginia mill. I’ve done work for them for over 10yrs. Over the past 18 months I’ve gone at least 4x over 10wks without getting a check. They keep telling me they’ll pay me when the client pays them which I already know the client has paid them. The more you ask for your money, the later the checks come ( last check received was 105 days late), now work has stopped being assigned, nobody answers the phone or returns calls or emails.

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