Hirings & Firings In The Mortgage Segment :::: You’re Hired Until Such Time As We Find Your Replacement At A Lower Fee

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 3.5 million Americans quit their job every month. Americans that quit their jobs almost always get a final paycheck for the work they performed up until the end.

In the mortgage segment, a mortgage inspector is hired and then later fired when a replacement at a lower fee is found. The Mortgage Order Mills start looking for your replacement on the same day that you are hired. In many cases, fired mortgage inspector are not paid for the work performed as the firm has a million reasons for not providing a final pay check. These reasons fall under the general heading of “chargebacks”. Some have gone back as far as five years. It’s a game where they win and you always lose.

Even when you have a job in the mortgage segment, you may not get paid. Two national mortgage order mills are currently not paying mortgage inspectors. The pigs are on life support and they will soon expire. It’s best to avoid the mortgage segment. It gets worse every year. Expect more games in 2019.

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