Mortgage Order Mills IGNORE The Fraud … Email From Foreclosurepedia Below … Be Sure To Donate to Foreclosurepedia.Org To Support The Effort To Expose Fraud


After several weeks of detailing and tracking, Foreclosurepedia is releasing its first 7314 Pages of Debts owed by Alliance and Primestar. While we attempted to negotiate with firms for payment, none were willing to do anything other than continue sending Primestar work even though they have no ability to pay Minority Females and Labor — by their own admission.

We encourage you to review the Google Fusion Table and begin to identify Addresses, Clients, and Lenders. Spread the word. Inform your friends. And then work with us to assist you moving to firms that will, in fact pay you. This Table will continually be updated to report, in near real time, debt obligations outstanding. The Card Tab will drill down on all information publicly available. For lawyer requests, we store far much more data and will consider requests on an as needed basis. We have a combined total of 109,456 pages to enter so please be patient. We encourage those owed monies to send us spreadsheets and we will enter them accordingly.

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