New Apple i-Phone 11 Released Today … Pay For It With The Profit From 567 Of The $3 Mortgage Inspections … Maybe Best To Buy A New Battery For Your Older I-phone

I visited Battery Power in Leesburg, Florida and had a new battery installed in my I-phone 7. The price for the new battery … including installation … was $70. Compare that to an I-Phone 11 (256 GB) at a price of $850.00. It takes the profit from 567 of the $3 mortgage inspections to pay for an i-phone 11.

I had an opportunity to talk to an Air Force B-52 pilot who was waiting for a battery change. He told me some great stories about flying the B-52. I flew Navy combat support operations with Air Force B-52s each dropping 70,000 pounds of bombs on our enemy. We flew off of Navy 7th Fleet attack aircraft carriers and supported our Air Force friends.

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