More Property Preservation Video Requirements For The Same Amount Of Money

So now that they want me to shoot a lot of video on property preservation jobs so that they can provide better service for their clients. They don’t pay any extra for the video. I am drinking more in the field and now they are complaining that my videos are too shaky. One of the &*(#@ Mortgage Order Mills want me to pay them a 25% discount. I told them where they could put that 25%.

How Are Those Chicago $3 Mortgage Inspections Working For You?

According to the Wall Street Journal, a surge in carjackings in Chicago has led to the highest number of car thefts in more than a decade, terrifying residents who are often traumatized about the explosion in homicides and shootings over the past two years.

Law enforcement and crime specialists mostly attribute the surge, which is also evident in Baltimore, Milwaukee, and St. Louis, on “repeat offenders, many of them juveniles who use the cars to commit other crimes or to brag about on social media,” said WSJ.