Everyone Has Security Cameras Today … Your Trespass Will Not Go Without Notice … SMILE!

These are Blink night IR cameras. They provide great HD color video during the day. Everyone today has security cameras on their home. Mortgage inspectors are being recorded in HD during the day on video as they roam in backyards taking the required 7 mortgage inspection photos. Bosco is the 2-year old German Shepherd waiting for you behind the utility shed. All of the risk and hard work only yields a profit of about $1.50 as you wear out your car.

In Virginia, everyone has a dog and a gun … and security cameras. They watch the UPS delivery truck and they watch you walking around the pool with your clipboard. Bosco is also watching you.

The FHA Loan Lenders May Be Getting A Break On Making Mistakes

Lenders that exited the FHA program because of False Claims Act litigation include some of the nation’s largest banks. A Federal Reserve staff report shows that Wells Fargo, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase originated 43% of FHA loans in 2010. That dropped to 5% in 2016. FHA mainly serves moderate-to-low-income borrowers and all three banks were subject to False Claims Act litigation by the Justice Department.
Due to indemnification risk under the False Claims Act, FHA servicing costs and bank capital rules, large banks are unlikely to re-enter the FHA program, which mainly serves moderate-to-low-income borrowers, according to the Fed report. President Trump’s nominee to be the new FHA commissioner, Brian Montgomery, said he hopes the DOJ will take a more reasonable approach toward False Claims Act enforcement and litigation. READ MORE >>>>>
Field service representatives that make mistakes will continue to be hammered by the Mortgage Order Mills.