Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) Paying $10 For An Exterior/Interior REO Property Condition Report

The Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) is not only cheap, but they are telling the mortgage inspectors in their network that they must accept these way under priced $10 exterior/interior REO property condition reports if they want to get any more work. You must do what they tell you to do. They are bullies! When you accept these $10 inspections you are just wasting time and losing money on every one. You are hurting yourself and you are hurting others. Stupid is as stupid does. You will get everything that you truly deserve. Grow up! You are no longer in high school. Stop being bullied by a Mortgage Order Mill. Do the math. Work for better companies. Stop being so stupid. Don’t be a loser. Who are the bullies? What do you say?

Check Out Hiring Firms At


I wanted to check out a Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) so I went to The firm I looked at was rated 1.5 stars by staff and contractors. Their pay schedule was 8-10 weeks as they have a cash flow problem. They were a disaster … they were 1.5 stars.

You don’t want to watch 1.5 star movies on Netflix and you don’t want to work for 1.5 star mortgage order mills. Glassdoor is better than the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as a mortgage order mill can be the worst mortgage order mill in the industry and still get a A+ rating at the BBB. You can buy a good rating at BBB.

Foreclosurepedia Talks About HUD Chargebacks

Foreclosurepedia has been talking to HUD and HUD stated two things: First, they had never seen a chargeback issued dating back two years. Second, the chargeback in question was not authorized by HUD. In fact, here is what HUD had to say about the chargeback in question,

HUD’s Mortgagee Compliance Management (MCM) contractor can and does adjust payouts of current claims to recoup monies for HUD when pre-conveyance services were not performed.  However, this typically happens within the first month after title conveyance.  I’ve never seen any go back 2 years.

Mortgage inspectors are saying “NO” to chargebacks. Stand your ground!


Are You Still Waiting To Be Paid By A Deadbeat Mortgage Order Mill?

I heard another complain this morning about a Virginia Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) who owes a mortgage inspector about $700. I referred this inspector over to Foreclosurepedia.Org. They published a post about the same firm a few weeks ago and the mortgage inspector got paid the next day.

I hope that the mortgage inspector who was helped by Paul Williams donated 20% of the payment received to Foreclosurepedia.Org. Without the help of Paul Williams’s bringing attention to the matter, she would have got nothing. Paul Williams is not a debt collector. Paul is a news reporter like WESH 2 in Orlando. The TV station runs news stories on deadbeat firms in the Orlando area.

You are welcome to attach comments to this post about some of your experiences in the mortgage segment. My advice is to steer clear of the mortgage segment.

I suggest that you avoid any Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) based in Virginia. I have sent emails to WTTG Channel 5 … FOX News who cover Virginia. I have asked them to contact the mortgage inspector and investigate why he has not been paid. I did not disclose the name of the MOM to WTTG. I’ll let the victim do that.

Contact WTTG channel 5 if you need help in getting paid by any Virginia MOM.