Welcome to the Mortgage Horror Blog.  The Mortgage Segment of the industry is the home of 99% of all of the problems in the field services industry. The field services industry offers some great opportunities in the commercial and insurance segments. The purpose of this blog is to identify the problems in the Mortgage Segment and to separate the problem-plagued Mortgage Segment from the better segments of the industry

Field Inspector Owes Bank of America $12,774,102.00


Dean Counce plead guilty to wire fraud after doctoring a few inspection reports that were submitted to Bank of America Field Services.

According to court documents, Dean lost two homes in Brooksville, Florida, a silver watch, a gold watch and a gold bracelet. The court also ordered restitution to Bank of America in the amount of $12,774,102.00.

He is 42 years old. He will be 50 after eight years in a federal prison in Virginia. The court has ordered Dean to pay $200 a month in restitution upon release from prison. It will take 5,322 years for Dean to pay the $12,774,102.00 restitution to Bank Of America.

Counce’s company was required to visit a property, complete a report, take photographs and send the information to the lender. Initially, Counce performed inspections himself. As his company grew, employees were hired to carry out the inspections. As the number of foreclosures skyrocketed, the employees were not able to keep up with the volume of inspection requests. Counce’s staff began fabricating reports.

According to investigators, Counce directed inspectors to visit the property and take more photographs than necessary. The photos were then used for subsequent reports. In other cases, Counce allegedly told workers to use information from public websites to fabricate reports for properties that were never inspected.

Employees estimated about 30 percent of the reports completed in 2007 and 2008 were fabricated. That percentage increased to 50 to 60 percent in 2009 when Counce won a new contract with Bank of America. Bank of America paid the company about $23.5 million over the course of five years.


HUMOR … Adolf Hitler Has Plans To Update The Bunker … Watch The Second Video On How HUD’s Lack Of Security Helps With The Bunker Upgrade

The below video talks to the compromise of the HUD Master Key Codes.

This is no joke. The HUD pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure master key codes are available online. Search HUD keys at Google & E-Bay. HUD is very much aware of this security compromise. New HUD M&M Ohio master key codes have been compromised within days of being changed  … xx08 … xxx14 …xxx11 …xxx76 …xxx64 …xxx35. HUD Master Key Codes are available just by calling advertised HUD internet lock vendors and simply asking for the Ohio HUD master key codes.

HUD’s security is like the room door security you would expect in the 1950s at a Motel-6 … uncontrolled keys … no electronic locks with controlled access.

HUD needs to move to electronic locks or electronic lockboxes and control access to the HUD pool of foreclosure assets. The current system is compromised. The xx89 key code has been used by HUD for over 25 years. The HUD xx89 locks are available on E-Bay … Amazon and internet lock vendors.

Use the link www.hudkeys.com to pass along this blog post.

Foreclosurepedia …The NAMFS Piggybank: How Eric Miller and Harvey Weinstein Are Alike

Paul Williams at Foreclosurepedia outlines some of the fraud, greed and corruption in the mortgage segment of the industry. The mortgage segment is the home of $3 mortgage drive-by inspections and 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption the industry. I suggest that you avoid the mortgage segment and any tasks related to HUD … as HUD is not concerned with your welfare. HUD has no idea of what is happening in the mortgage segment. HUD does not talk to people in the field … those at the bottom of the ladder. HUD wastes so much money! They are part of the Washington Swamp.

Paul Williams does a great job of helping field service representatives. I continue to donate my money to support Paul. Today, I sent $50 to support Paul who supports YOU. Please make a contribution to support the continued help of Paul Williams. Visit Foreclosurepedia.

All Aboard The Carson Swamp Train!

Foreclosurepedia writes:  Love Trump or hate him, the guy understands money. And make no mistake whatsoever, if he gets wind that Secretary Carson is taking a pass on hundreds of millions of dollars, like HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) Acting Director, Kimberlee Satterfield, is overseeing by her protection of Innotion Enterprises and Purdy Enterprises, that new mansion the Carson’s just bought in Vienna, Virginia, may soon be a HUD reposession. See, that’s how the Beltway works. And maybe, just maybe, it was planned all along! I mean who in the hell let’s their wife take command and control of a Cabinet Level Agency? Secretary Carson may be good at poking around in the dura and whacking out brainstem ganglioma in children, but running an Agency — and here comes the irony — which countless minorities and underprivileged families have come to depend on apparently wasn’t required study in medical school.

Secretary Carson needs to cancel all of those United Airlines trips to make speeches and see what is in the basement at HUD Headquarters. The HUD contracting officers are solving problems by throwing more more at the problem. There is so much waste at HUD that could be applied to solving real problems.


Why Is It That High-Level HUD Officials Don’t Know What Happens At The Field Level? … Where Is Secretary Carson On This?

Life is a mystery. If the people living in Baltimore Public Housing could find better jobs … they would not be in Public Housing. HUD is taking no interest in the abuse that Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) lay on HUD field service workers. Sometimes they work for low fees and then they are not paid. HUD is both the solution (maybe) and the problem (yes). Secretary Carson needs to quit flying United Airlines every week and find out what really is happening inside HUD. The disorganization, fraud, greed and corruption in the mortgage segment is killing the people in the field. Secretary Carson does not have solutions to HUD internal problems. He is not asking the right questions and taking to the right people. Some … or maybe most … of his staff is in coverup mode. Life is unfair … it is very unfair working for HUD. Stay away from the Mortgage Segment. President Trump needs to clone another General John Kelly. I have worked at the Pentagon as an executive assistant to a Real Admiral and a Army Major General. Flag officers ask tough questions and you don’t give them bullshit answers.

How To Be Safe And Survive A Dog Attack … Avoid Mortgage Inspections & Backyards

So you decided to accept some of those low-fee mortgage inspections where you are sent to high-crime neighborhoods loaded with dogs … lots of very aggressive dogs. Those 7 photos of the house are going to require some trips into backyards. You are going to be invading the territory of some very aggressive dogs. So, be ready to defend yourself against attack. Watch the video. I have a concealed weapons carry permit … so I like to carry a 21-inch telescoping baton to protect me from dogs. A baton will stop a dog attack. Check the regulations on batons for your state.

DA large dog can do some very serious damage to a person.