Welcome to the Mortgage Horror Blog.  The Mortgage Segment of the industry is the home of 99% of all of the problems in the field services industry. The field services industry offers some great opportunities in the commercial and insurance segments. The purpose of this blog is to identify the problems in the Mortgage Segment and to separate the problem-plagued Mortgage Segment from the better segments of the industry

Call The Mortgage Servicer & Then Hand Your New $1,000 iPhone 10 To The Delinquent Borrower

When performing a mortgage delinquency interview, one of the Mortgage Order Mills wants you to call the mortgage servicer on your cell phone before you knock on the door. When the delinquent mortgage borrower opens the door, you are to hand them your $1,000 iPhone 10 and ask them to talk to the mortgage servicer who had been sending them demand letters and calling them every other day.

You hope that the borrower is in a good mood knowing that the borrower may lose the house in foreclosure. Their family car has already been repossessed. Make sure that you have a great accident insurance policy for your phone. Make sure that you have a great health plan. You are going to let the borrower put their nasty pathogens, viruses and germs all over your iPhone and then you will use your iPhone and transfer the nasty pathogens, viruses and germs to your face. Nasty!

Is your iPhone 10 as great as the rugged Cat 15B cell phone in withstanding a phone thrown from the front door out into the street? Watch the video.

Mortgage Inspections Can Be Dangerous In Virginia Rural Areas

I live in rural Virginia. I have three no trespassing signs on my driveway. I have a security camera. I have a big gun. I have a salt lick in my back yard for the deer. If you are a mortgage inspector walking around the backyard of a Virginia rural home, you could run into some surprises. It is really worth the $3 that a Morgtage Order Mill is paying for your to travel to rural areas. The profit is “maybe” $1.50. Of course, you will have a great story on how you were attacked by a deer … if you survive the attack. People who live in rural areas have unusual pets who are very protective. Stay out of backyards. Virginia has “peep” laws. Get caught on a security camera peeping into a window and that’s all the sheriff needs to lock you up until you appear before a judge.

Mortgage Inspector Says The Mortgage Company Wants To Record Conversations During Delinquency Interviews

The way it was explained to me, the field inspector is instructed by the Mortgage Order Mill to CALL the mortgage company before approaching the borrower’s door so that the mortgage company can listen to the conversation. I assume that the mortgage company is recording it. Approvals … disclosures … state laws on recording conversations? More later. Tell me your stories.


Cameras Everywhere … Cameras Watching Mortgage Inspectors In Backyards Taking Photos & Peeping In Windows

Your vendor manager at your Mortgage Order Mills says it’s okay to enter private backyards and take photos. It’s okay to peep into windows to see if the house is vacant or occupied. The closest your Mortgage Order Mill vendor manager came to learning the law was that once she cut the hair of a lawyer in a previous job as a hairdresser.

So, when you are in private backyards taking photos and peeping into window or door … you are probably being recorded on video. SMILE.

Virginia § 18.2-130. Peeping or spying into dwelling or enclosure.

A. It shall be unlawful for any person to enter upon the property of another and secretly or furtively peep, spy or attempt to peep or spy into or through a window, door or other aperture of any building, structure, or other enclosure of any nature occupied or intended for occupancy as a dwelling, whether or not such building, structure or enclosure is permanently situated or transportable and whether or not such occupancy is permanent or temporary, or to do the same, without just cause, upon property owned by him and leased or rented to another under circumstances that would violate the occupant’s reasonable expectation of privacy.

The police are also using homeowner cameras to solve crimes.

Foreclosurepedia: … Eric Miller Oversees $2.3 Billion In Losses According To HUD OIG

HUD  would have so much more money to help people in need if HUD could get organized and cut out all of the waste. When you watch the below video, you must wonder why the staff sitting with Secretary Carson would let him walk into that Financial Services Committee session so unprepared. My opinion is that the HUD staff is working hard to push Ben Carson out the door. The cancer at HUD has metastasized and Dr. Carson will not be able to cure HUD. If I were Secretary Carson, I would watch the below video every day and say to myself that this will never happen to me again. The HUD staff members sitting with him need to be admonished for their malfeasance in preparing him for this appearance before the Financial Services Committee. They failed and he failed. It was awful.

Below is another video which shows how unprepared he was before the Financial Services Committee. His staff failed to brief him on letter correspondence sent to him by a committee member.