Welcome to the Mortgage Horror Blog.  The Mortgage Segment of the industry is the home of 99% of all of the problems in the field services industry. The field services industry offers some great opportunities in the commercial and insurance segments. The purpose of this blog is to identify the problems in the Mortgage Segment and to separate the problem-plagued Mortgage Segment from the better segments of the industry

Mortgage Order Mills Say You Can Make Great Money With HUGE Volumes Of Low-Fee Mortgage Inspections

The Mortgage Order Mills say that they can give you a huge volume of $3 mortgage inspections with a profit of “maybe” $1.50. With such a HUGE ¬†volume of inspections you have to make a lot of money even at $3 an inspection. They suggest that you just use deductive reasoning as shown in the video. If the volume is HUGE, you have to make a lot of money.

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You’re Kidding Yourself When You Think There Is Opportunity In The Mortgage Segment

The Mortgage Order Mills are on life support. Mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures are at record lows. Ocwen stock shows the trend in mortgage inspections over the last 5 years. Ocwen was a $60 stock in 2013. Today it is a $4 stock. I shorted Ocwen stock many years ago when I saw the downward trend … I made a lot of money. Avoid the mortgage segment as it is dull and unexciting. There is no real money to be made with low-fee mortgage inspections.

Think of low-fee Mortgage Order Mills as the killer bunny in the Monty Python movie. Run away or be killed. They will kill you with the low-fees and the games that they play.

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